Moments Episode One: She Appeared – The first episode in a seven episode series. Beck has conflicting memories of the same events. Which memories are real and why does have have fake ones? Krystal, a girl only Beck can see, promises she is there to help him, but does she have an ulterior motive? Beck must quickly find answers before he loses his mind.

In this episode… Beck is lost in thought as he hangs with his friends. When strange occurrences begin to happen, Beck is the only one to notice anything. Are these events a figment of his imagination?


Existence: The Motion Picture – This is a 3 minute clip from the first chapter of the Existence series, written and directed by Mike Natoli of MCP Entertainment. This clip features the composition “Graveyard’s Dry March” by Brendan Papz. Existence: The Motion Picture was an official selection of the CTC Geekfest film festival and of the 2018 Garden State Film Festival.

Former military news correspondent Chris Thomas is the last man on Earth. After a deadly disease has ravaged the United States, he has taken it upon himself to document this part of human history.


A Mild Skirmish Trailer – A Mild Skirmish was written and directed by Jason Leal, founder of 10101 Films. All music was written and composed by Brendan Papz. The film won the “Texas Proud Award” at the 2018 Boomtown Film and Music Festival. It was also officially selected to be in the 2018 Houston Latino Film Festival and the 2018 Lake Charles Film Festival.

This short film describes a power struggle in a pool hall. Two guys play a deadly game of domination, with a Vietnamese woman as the pawn. This begs the question: who is the good guy?


Sinful Marking – This screenplay was one of three scripts that was chosen from the senior class to be filmed and presented at the Performing Arts Academy Senior Showcase. The screenplay and original score were written and composed by Brendan Papz.

Sinful Marking follows the story of a man who is wakes up disoriented in a strange laboratory and needs to find a swift way to escape.